Solid Angle based Ambient Obscurance in Image-Space

My master thesis

Screenshot of the demo scene

For my master thesis, I've been back at ISISLab (where I already worked on my bachelor thesis), this time working under the supervision of both prof. Vittorio Scarano and prof. Ugo Erra.

Attending the lab, I spent a fair amount of time

  • studying computer graphics
  • coding from scratch a C++11/OpenGL 4 rendering sandbox
    • Y.A.R.S - Yet Another Rendering Sandbox
  • designing and deveoping a new screen space ambient occlusion technique
    • saSSAO - Solid Angle SSAO

This is a demo video of what was accomplished:

A scientific paper related to my work was later published:

  • Scarpa D., Erra U. (2017) Solid Angle Based Ambient Obscurance in Image Space. In: De Paolis L., Bourdot P., Mongelli A. (eds) Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Computer Graphics. AVR 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10325. Springer, Cham

Slides, source code and the full thesis are available for download:

Thesis: Solid Angle based Ambient Obscurance in Image Space
full text abstract final presentation slides

Implementation: Y.A.R.S. + saSSAO
source code repository

"Mid-thesis" seminar held at ISISLab: OpenGL fun in the Sponza atrium

You can also check my ISISLab page.