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a Worms inspired 3d videogame

Slugs was developed in 2008 as university project for "Interactive virtual environments and videogames" with my friends Angelo Cafaro and Giannicola Scarpa.
We used OGRE 3D and the PhysX library (before Nvidia acquired it from Ageia - it was cutting edge stuff!), through the NxOgre binding.

It was probably the university project I spent more time on, but also the most fun.
We worked in all day programming sessions at the university, XP style, and when we couldn't meet we gave each other tasks and synced on SVN.
The last day before presenting the game (after months of part time work), we left University around 22.30 p.m, after a long and effective bug-fixing day.

Our friend Mara helped us proving the hilarious voices for the characters, and after that two other awesome friends of mine recorded additional voice packs, including an english one (Silvia and Alessia, to whom I publicly apologize for not having published yet the game including their work).

Due to time constraints, the game has no AI, one single level, just two weapons (bazooka and grenade) and only supports two players for a turn based VS battle done sitting at the same system.

Unfortunately, a bug (related to the OpenAL library) that came up after we "finished" working on the game causes a crash on startup on many systems (about one every three), that is the main reason we never published the game.

We told each other "hey, we'll fix it next week and then put it online", and, you know, years passed.
But maybe next week I'll fix it and put it online.

More seriously, I'd like to work on it for a month (maybe a couple of months) and:

So, if you'd like to play the game and have a spare month or two to donate, let me know.

Some screenshots:

a view from the bird view camera, to evaluate the environment. Game running in 1280x720 resolution, a little scaled down.

a view from the first person camera, useful for better aiming. Game running at 800x600

A list of features: