HI : )

This is just a small page to present "Star Wars - Duel", the most complex thing I made with Flash in my life :))

You'll find all info you need in the game itself.

Of course you need the Flash plugin for your browser:

Get plugin! :)


- Best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.5+, in auto resizing chromeless window

- Working good on Netscape 6.1, but keep an eye on control keys conflicts (...TAB and probably many others :/)

- It doesn't work on Mac, I think: I tried it from a Mac in a bookstore and there was no interaction

- It works with Netscape 4.xx on Linux (tnx for testing, Henryx :))

The game runs quite smoothy in medium quality on a P III 550, but poorly on my Celeron 500.
It's perfect on my cousin's Athlon 900 (grrrr).

You can set quality and improve performance by function keys, press 1 while ingame for help.

If the game is still unplayable in low quality, try lowering your screen resolution/color depht and disabling game music/sounds.
(Sounds FX are preloaded, while music is streamed: so be patient if you've got a slow connection and don't ear music for a while. You can select "no music" in the audio options to avoid music being loaded)

Some commands listed in the game's help screen refer to the standalone version, use numbers instead of function keys (i.e. "3" instead of "F3")
I've changed these controls in the browser version to avoid conflicts - for example F5 was the "low quality" key, but also the "Refresh" Internet Explorer command.
As I'm writing, there are also problems with the window closing with the "quit" menu commands, please use the "X" on the top right corner of the window)

if you've problems with the window that opens, or nothing happens hitting play, try clicking here to play in this browser window


You can also download an improved Windows standalone version (.exe) of Star Wars - Duel clicking the button below. Of course, it's freeware : )


version: 1.0
(set of files - game/music/saving stuff - current and probably last version - I'm updating and moving this page in sept 2003 under DuskZone, after years, and I haven't time for Flash games now...)
version: 1.0 beta
(it doesn't allow to save options to a textfile through my FSave utility, but it is a single file with a nice icon and features such as forced fullscreen, windows keys off, no Flash menu... I had no time to do this for the 1.0 version - path problems with the text file etc.
EXTRA - source .fla - EXTRA
It's really "dirty", I don't write code like this now, after two years, ok?

I'm not going to fix or upgrade Duel, so I'm making the "rough" source available to the community. Maybe someone will learn from it, or make it better... uh, let me know, I'll be happy! :)
Not so happy if you only stole something, uh. :/
By the way, let's say it's relased under GPL.

Why should you dowload the standalone version?
- it features better quality music (128 kbps stereo)

- there aren't known key conflicts (i.e. the pression of some function keys into browsers)
- you can play offline without needing to have browser cache enabled
- you can put in on a pair of floppies or on a CD and give it to a friend :)

- you make me count another download! :)))

Bug reports and feedback really appreciated : dusk@snipp.org

Bye and sorry for my bad English : )



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This is only a fan work: Star Wars and all related characters/objects/terms copyrighted by LucasFilm LTD